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The Four Best Food Challenges in Chicago

great-restaurant-shutterstock_226567432Do you have the stomach of a bear and the metabolism of a hummingbird? Or do you just really, really like challenges? In either case, these are the four best food challenges in the Windy City. Each challenge has a reward, and each is a different type of food. Study each challenge and pick carefully, because a real champion chooses a winnable game.

Challenger Burger at Rudy’s Bar & Grille

Rudy’s Bar & Grille is a fine restaurant that has stretched the meaning of the word ‘burger’. Perhaps the only burger served to you in a five-pound skillet, this collection of madness contains hamburger patties smothered in a baked mix of eggs, bacon, hash browns, and of course cheese. You have thirty minutes to eat it all. Your reward: a fully compensated meal, a victor’s T-Shirt, your name on the wall of champions, and a $100 gift card.

The Bacon Bomb at Paddy Long’s

Paddy Long’s is known for many things, such as giving free bacon with every beer (after midnight, so it can be your secret). But Paddy Long’s wouldn’t be complete without this insane challenge. Five pounds of ground beef and pork sausage are wrapped in a weave of brown sugar bacon. You have 45 minutes to eat it, and if you do, it’s free. You’ll also get a T-shirt and a spot on the Wall of Fame. Take note: you’ll have to scarf down the large side of fries as well to officially complete the challenge.

Sandwich Contest at Lucky’s

This one’s a good challenge if you get tired of eating too much of the same flavor. At Lucky’s, you can choose three sandwiches from a wide list of flavors included in the contest. Choose any three, then eat them all in one hour to win. Winners get one of the sandwiches for free, a winner’s T-shirt, and a photo on the Wall of Fame. This restaurant appeared in season one of Man Vs. Food, so it’s worth visiting if you’re a fan of the show.

XXX Hot Wings at Jack Melnick’s Corner Tap

Lastly, this special challenge is the only one that requires you to sign a medical waiver. It’s not just for people who can eat a lot, but who have the deadened nerves and will of steel to handle cruelly spicy foods. Jack Melnick’s XXX chicken wings are coated in a sauce made from Bhut Jolokia, considered the hottest chili pepper in the entire world. There’s no time limit on one this difficult, and in fact, they even serve you plenty of cooling agents. Just take your time, finish the wings, wipe your face (but don’t touch your eyes), and get your picture taken for the restaurant’s wall of glory; you certainly earned it!

These are only just a few challenges, but there are giant burgers, triple pizza, and hot dog challenges all over Chicago. We at Hawkinson Nissan would like to remind you to please mind your limits as you take on one or more of these challenges. Good luck!

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