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How Your New Nissan Defines You as a Person

couple-on-road-trip-shutterstock_285570005It’s okay, we’re all a little self-conscious! Every vehicle makes a different statement on the road, so here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular models in Nissan’s latest lineup and what each model says about either you or someone you know that owns one.

2016 Titan XD

For years, the Nissan Titan remained largely unchanged, sticking to its successful model and making small adjustments. But for 2016, the Titan took a break, and instead Nissan released the true, unhinged model: the Titan XD. With a max towing capacity of over 12,000 lbs, this tank makes one bold statement: let’s get it done.

2016 Frontier

Too cheap for the Titan XD? You’re not alone. The 2016 Frontier is an affordable, capable pickup with either a 2.5-liter I-4 or a 4.0-liter V6, plus the most comfortable driver’s seat in its class. The beefy body accentuates the shine of the paint, making this one of the best-looking pickups out there. The Frontier shows that you don’t reach for the top shelf without seeing what else is available, and in your case, you found a well-rounded truck with no compromises.

2015 Armada

Moving on to SUVs, the Armada has the off-road chops to move you and your friends over rough terrain, plus a ton of space for everyone to stretch out, chrome wheels, and advanced interior features like Dual-Zone Automatic Temperature Control. The Armada has it all, for a starting price around $38,000. This tough but classy people-mover displays reasonable wealth, spent by someone with a varied, fun lifestyle.

2016 Pathfinder

If you just bought a 2016 Pathfinder, you’re probably basking in popularity. While the Armada is being re-designed for 2017, the 2016 Pathfinder, about $9,000 cheaper, is enjoying its shining moment. The Pathfinder loses some of the ritzy features of the Armada, has considerably stronger fuel economy, and has a calmer, rounded exterior. It’s fun to drive, keeps everybody happy, and looks way cooler than any minivan, ever.

2016 Maxima

If you’re just bought the latest model of Nissan’s most expensive sedan, you’ve got something to prove. This mid-price luxury car doesn’t just have 300 horsepower, it also has an 11.6 lbs per horsepower weight ratio, better than the Acura TLX, Toyota Avalon, and even the BMW 3-Series. On the highway, you only have to defer to the occasional Lamborghini. Unless you’re in the Maxima SR Midnight, of course, in which case you’re Batman and you defer to no one.

2016 Versa

Student loans can be a pain, huh? Fortunately, owning a 2016 Versa proves you’ve worked hard and have the income to support a brand new model of Nissan’s least expensive sedan, starting from under $12,000. Or maybe you’re not in college and just want to save the world? The Versa certainly pulls it’s weight, with a stellar 31/40 city/highway mpg, the best among all of Nissan’s car lineup.

We hope this gave somebody a chuckle. To all you Nissan owners out there: remember to be proud of the excellent vehicle you’ve purchased. Although, considering every single model here is either a strong competitor or outright champion of its class, that’s not very hard!