Nissan's Futuristic Vision

Imagine if a car with a futuristic technology could  automatically drive, locate a parking space and park for you; a car that could also return to the driver via a call from Smartphone or Mobile device. Would you believe us if we told you that Nissan was already working on a car which can do both of those things?

Staying true to their standing at the forefront of EV and hybrid vehicle design Nissan will be debuting what they call a "Realistic EV" conept at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show.

The third-generation PIVO 3 EV is a tiny, 3 person seating vehicle built to easily get around metropolitan areas. Hoping to contribute to smarter urban commuting the PIVO 3 EV can also charge itself or sell excess energy to a smart grid.

Futuristic features include side-view monitors taking the place of mirrors, minimizing blind spots, and utilizing Nissan's Around View Monitor system as well as in-wheel motors to propel the car and an electric power 'by-wire' control technology. It can return to the driver via a call from smartphone or mobile device.

Although the PIVO 3 EV is not set to release until 2016 or 2017 Nissan does currently offer both hybrid and EV cars at Hawkinson Nissan in Matteson, IL.

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