Nissan Titan Next Generation Expected in 2014

The remodeled Nissan Titan expected to release at the end of 2012, is being pushed back by the Japanese Automaker towards later in 2013.

Following the earthquake that struck Japan and the tsunami which occurred after, Nissan was forced to put a stop on scheduled production. Ultimately this pushed back the production of the full-sized pickup truck redesign towards year 2014. Although Nissan has agreed to temporarily shift Titan's construction to Mexico it is expected to be back in Japan within the next year.

The redesigned Titan will be available in regular, crew and quad cab variants but the changes to its body won't actually be seen until closer to 2014.

"We will come out a little later now," said Nissan executive VP for vehicle planning and program management Andy Palmer at the Los Angeles Auto Show. "I made the decision."1


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