Nissan Leaf and SunPower Systems Align

Joining forces with SunPower, Nissan's new Nissan Leaf EV models can be indirectly charged by the sun.

By having residential SunPower systems attached to homes, Nissan Leaf owners can benefit from by significantly cutting their energy costs. Not only do SunPower systems use solar energy to help power the house with green electricity but they can also be used to subsidize the energy and electricity it takes to power your Nissan Leaf.

SunPower CEO Tom Werner says "Solar power is a reliable, cost-effective technology for homeowners today," adding that "High efficiency SunPower systems are guaranteed to perform over the long term, maximizing the power generated and the monthly savings."1

Using sunlight, SunPower's systems keep charging costs associated with the Leaf down while cutting carbon emissions by using renewable energy instead of traditional electricity. There are a host of educational materials from web content to video tutorials online.

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