Nissan Safety Features

When it comes to safety, Nissan has always been at the forefront of innovation. Always looking to find new ways to keep drivers and their passengers safe, Nissan continues to look toward the future, developing technology that would have seemed like science fiction just a few years ago. This continual development and innovation has led to Nissan creating many unique and innovative safety technologies.

Nissan Advanced Air Bag System (AABS)

Nissan’s advanced air bag system is a smarter design that provides to greater passenger safety when compared to traditional air bag systems. Innovative dual-stage front air bags, an occupant-classification sensor and seat belt sensors work together to properly deploy air bags during an emergency in a way that provides superior protection. The inflation rate is calculated and computer controlled based on several factors to match the occupant and provide the correct level of protection. This reduces a number of risks associated with air bag deployment and maximizes safety.

At Nissan, they believe that nothing is more important than safety. Whether you’re driving family and friends, or handing the keys to your teenager for the first time, all the attention Nissan puts into designing their cars safely will put your mind at ease.

Around View Monitor

More and more vehicles of today are equipped with a rear-view camera option that provides numerous safety advantages to consumers. Many car companies feel that a rear-view camera is good Nissan 360 degree Camera Viewenough, but at Nissan, good enough just doesn’t cut it. Always looking toward the future, Nissan has developed a system of cameras that is able to display both a rear-view, and provide a full 360 degree bird’s eye view to assist with parking. Additionally, a 180 degree front view can be used in situations where it may be difficult to see around traffic.

Lane Departure Warning

This advanced camera system does much more than just help you park and see around tricky corners. These smart-cameras can recognize the lane markers on the street or highway that you’re driving, and then assert your location in relation to them. If the vehicle begins to drift, the system can literally tell. A flashing indicator and an audible alert will warn you, so you can safely return the car to the proper lane.

Blind Spot Warning

No matter how safe we try to drive we can’t be in control of everything. Perhaps the best example of that is the driver’s blind spot. Nissan’s blind spot warning system provides peace of mind and makes worrying about blind spots a thing of the past. These advanced technology smart cameras are able to recognize when another vehicle enters the driver’s blind spot, and provide a visual and audible alert to the driver.

Moving Object Detection (MOD)

Not content with the status quo, Nissan also added moving object detection to their intelligent camera system, allowing them to detect objects moving around the car and alert the driver. This technology provides drivers with peace of mind by increasing awareness of their surroundings when pulling out of a parking space. Whether it’s a ball, an animal, or a child, Nissan’s smart cameras deliver unparalleled safety and security to you, your loved ones and those around you.

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